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June 18, 2019


Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.


(2 Peter 3:13 KJV)


Relying on the promises of people is unnerving, and at times very disappointing.  This is especially true when a person coming through with a promise or commitment is vital to our wellbeing, our reputation or our livelihood.  There are very few things in life more disappointing than pinning your hopes on someone’s pledge to come to the painful realization that they are not going to prevail.



There can be many reasons as to why people do not keep their word including a change of heart, capacity, circumstances or simple feelings.  None of those reasons however lessens the distress caused by a broken promise.  Often the promise maker is not a promise keeper because of some “catch” placed on the promise that implied the individual who made the promise never intended to keep it.  We all can relate to the following illustration:

Two brothers were getting ready to boil some eggs to color for Easter. 

'I'll give you a dollar if you let me break three of these on your head,' said the older one. 'Promise?' asked the younger. 'Promise!' Gleefully, the older boy broke two eggs over his brother's head. 

Standing stiff for fear the gooey mess would get all over him, the little boy asked, 'When is the third egg coming?' 

'It's not,' replied the brother. 'That would cost me a dollar.'


Thankfully, we serve a God who takes promises very seriously, and is incapable of breaking them or changing the rules mid-stream.  Thus, we look in certainty for “new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness,” according to his promise.





Parting thought:

Our God truly is one who always keeps His promises.  We should be a people who patiently rely on Him.

Nothing can touch the Word of God. Not all the powers of earth and hell, men and devils combined, can ever move the Word of God. There it stands, in its own moral glory, in spite of all the assaults of the enemy, from age to age. 'For ever, O Lord, Thy Word is settled in heaven.'“ ~C.H. Mackintosh